Jul 16, 2017

Please check your email for correct VPN credentials. 2. While typing credentials, ensure that ‘Caps Lock’ button is turned off and type Username and Password manually, do not copy/paste VPN Error 807 – Quick Fix to Your VPN Server Problems Jan 23, 2019 meraki vpn on win10 not working - The Meraki Community If you search for generic Windows 10 809, and exclude "meraki" from your search, there are a few troubleshooting guides with the same level of items we have here (uninstalling WAN Miniports etc) but i demonstrated on my home PC and my work laptop that stopping the Xbox Live Networking Services had the immediate result of allowing my Meraki VPN VPN fails on wireless only Solved - Windows 10 Forums

Oct 23, 2017

Windows L2TP users cannot connect, Windows shows error 809

Always on VPN - Error 809 - Edugeek

IPSec VPN eror 809 after Windows 10 upgrade - Microsoft Dec 18, 2017 Connecting L2TP/ IPSec VPN Server Behind a NAT, Error Code 809 May 14, 2018 L2TP VPN error 809 Frustrating! | Ubiquiti Community I have two USG v5.5.24 at two client offices. Site-2-Site VPN tunnel is up, working fine and has been for 2 months. This client also requires several client-site VPN for traveling laptops. I have everything setup according to UBNT documentation, user provided documentation etc. USG is activing