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ProxySite. PorxySite has been a popular proxy website for many years. The website has a simple … How to Fix the Firefox Proxy Server When It’s Refusing Dec 04, 2018 Installation - Privoxy 2.5. What is the proxy address of Privoxy? If you set up the Privoxy to run on the computer you browse from (rather than your ISP's server or some networked computer on a LAN), the proxy will be on (sometimes referred to as "localhost", which is the special name used by every computer on the Internet to refer to itself) and the port will be 8118 (unless you used the listen-address Proxy Switcher (WebExtension) ::

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The easiest way to do this is to configure your Firefox to use a PAC with a file URL, and then change the file URL from the line command before you start Firefox. How To Fix The Proxy Server Refusing Connections Error Message

2 Ways to Configure Proxy Server on Firefox for Android

FoxyProxy is a Firefox extension which automatically switches an internet connection across one or more proxy servers based on URL patterns. Put simply, FoxyProxy automates the manual process of editing Firefox’s Connection Settings dialog. Proxy server switching occurs based on the loading URL and the switching rules you define. Best proxies of 2020: Free, paid and business proxy Do note that a lot of proxy server providers also provide paid-for VPN services, because VPN (Virtual Private Network) can offer better security and privacy than a proxy service alone. Script for Proxy Server Settings in Firefox Should that proxy server become unreachable then Firefox will not be able to browse the web unless the settings are undone for each user at that time. You can set the batch file to reside in the start up folder of each computer and thus it will always run when each user login.