Jun 17, 2020

HideMyAss Speed Test : How Fast is HMA Pro VPN? HideMyAss Speed Test. Hide My Ass manages a huge network of VPN servers around the world. With multiple servers in several locations. Below you can see the ping time, download speed and upload speed for each HMA server location. Enjoy unlimited VPN … HMA VPN service | Total online privacy with HMA Speed, wherever you are. Browse with HMA VPN from New York, London, Tokyo, or any one of our other 290 + locations — or find the fastest connection available automatically with Lightning Connect. With so many places to choose from, you’re never far from a fast, stable connection. Check locations HideMyAss Speed Test - The Bigger They Are the Harder They

Speed and performance. When it comes to VPN speeds, it’s always best to test for yourself – your home or work is the most relevant location to you. However, in my HideMyAss speed test, I’m trying to determine how fast it is on average.

Feb 14, 2015 · Hidemyass: keeps logs for 6 months! Now don’t jump out of your skin quite yet. These are (most likely) only ‘connection logs’ which consist of very general (non-invasive) data such as incoming/outgoing ip address, MB of data transferred, and session duration. Speed: PIA: In our testing, PIA outperformed Hidemyass on speed: Extras: PIA: Netherlands SOCKS proxy included with VPN, works great for torrents: Pricing: PIA: PIA costs as little as $3.33/month (unlimited) vs. $6.55 for HMA. (Offer details below) May 12, 2018 · HideMyAss (HMA) Free Web Proxy is back online! Access blocked websites and surf the web anonymously by hiding your IP address and location. 100% tested. Recently, HideMyAss became a part of Avast and now offers its service to 400+ million users. The HQ is located in the United Kingdom, a country known for its strict online privacy laws. HideMyAss (HMA) has been a well-liked independent provider of VPN services since 2005 but is now owned by security giant Avast.

Mar 07, 2019

HideMyAss Speed Test. Below you can see our testing results for HideMyAss . For more details of how we conduct our speed tests go to VPN Speed Tests. Test PC #1 – United States – OS (Mac OSX) – ISP (Cox) SpeedTest.net (Iron) Location: Ping: Download: Upload: Not Using VPN: United States: 24: 20.62: 6.91: PPTP: Canada: 218: 16.41: 2.30 HideMyAss VPN: HMA Pro VPN Review 2020 - VPNSTORE Oct 17, 2019 How to download HideMyAss Pro for free Jul 19, 2020