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Possibly the World’s Easiest VPN. PepVPN is the core engine of our site-to-site VPN technology. It is ideal for establishing a secure tunnel over any WAN link. On top of all the benefits of IPsec and other conventional VPN technologies, the PepVPN engine also offers: SoftEther VPN ("SoftEther" means "Software Ethernet") is one of the world's most powerful and easy-to-use multi-protocol VPN software. It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, FreeBSD and Solaris. SoftEther VPN is open source. You can use SoftEther for or commercial use for free charge. One of the big changes for Virtual Networks is the support for software based Site-to-Site VPN based on the Routing and Remote Access role available in Windows Server 2012. Let's take a look at how easy it is to setup a Site-to-Site VPN with RRAS based on a customer case. Contoso is a company with a datacenter in Belgium (Brussels). A site-to-site VPN connection lets branch offices use the internet as a conduit for accessing the main office's intranet. HowStuffWorks. A site-to-site VPN allows offices in multiple fixed locations to establish secure connections with each other over a public network such as the internet. Azure portal A Site-to-Site VPN gateway connection is used to connect your on-premises network to an Azure virtual network over an IPsec/IKE (IKEv1 or IKEv2) VPN tunnel. This type of connection requires a VPN device located on-premises that has an externally facing public IP address assigned to it.

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The software that you, as the user of a VPN service deal with, is known as the VPN client. The software run by a VPN company is a VPN server. The encrypted connection always starts with a VPN How To Set Up a Site-to-Site VPN with OpenVPN OpenVPN is a open-source SSL VPN client/server that allows you to set up your very own encrypted VPN. VPN's are great for securely sharing and accessing resources regardless of geological separation, all you need is an internet connection and you can feel right at home no matter where you are.

2.4. Benefits of Layer-2 VPN between Site-to-Site. Not only building a remote accessing VPN, but you can also establish the reliable link between or more sites. It is called "Site-to-Site VPN" . You can use such a link as a dedicated line, even if the physical underlay layer is a cheap Internet connection provided by ISPs.

Overview. This article describes how to configure a site-to-site VPN on a UniFi Security Gateway (any model: USG and USG-PRO-4) and the UniFi Dream Machine models (UDM and UDM-Pro) on Manual IPsec and OpenVPN exclusively (but not Auto IPsec).Applicable to current stable firmware and controller software versions. VPN Types: What is Site-to-Site VPN May 11, 2015 Site To Site VPN - Connect Remote Office Networks No VPN Software Required For Users With a Site to Site VPN, the networks at each office are joined togther 7x24x365, so users do not need to install any VPN software at all. They will have access to remote servers and data just as if they were local to them. Includes Access For Offsite Workers Also connect to a site to site vpn using software only Technically speaking, there isn't a whole lot of difference between a "remote user" VPN setup and a site-to-site VPN aside from some ACLs and routing rules. If you have information about how the other end of the VPN connection is set up, you should be able to use …