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Media Player Classic, as the name implies, this alternative to Windows Media Player is a tribute to the classic version of Windows Media Player 6.4. It is also an open source media player, supporting lots of video and audio formats, and can play Discs like VCD、SVCD、DVD, etc. Of course, as the successor of MPC, MPC-HC has more features. Why is bbc iplayer app no longer avalible via the store Original Title: bbc iplayer . hi. on my old laptop running windows 8 I was able to download bbc iplayer app direct from the store. on my new laptop windows 10 its not there. I can download programes via bbc player downloads but have to do that via browser. why is bbc iplayer app no longer avalible via the store when bbc iplayer downloads is BBC iPlayer tips, tricks, advice and help | T3 iPlayer is designed for streaming, but that isn't always convenient: your broadband connection might be congested, or you might want to download now and watch later. The good news is that you can iPlayer for Android - APK Download Download iPlayer apk 2.1.2 for Android. Your favorite video player

Nov 25, 2017

The Best Windows Media Player Alternatives

And this is the main reason, we need an alternative to WMP and that too ASAP. So, this article is dedicated to all the replacements media players which you can use instead of WMP and not only for Windows but for other Operating Systems too. Top 10 Alternatives to Windows Media Player.

DVDFab Player 5 is the best Windows Media Player alternative for users looking for a modern multimedia player that can run anything you throw at it. The software comes with a sleek interface, lightning-fast reading speeds, enhanced stability, two playback modes …