Storing cache and cookies in any browser will harm the user’s privacy. At the same time, this cache data will also lead to many errors on any type of web browser such as Chrome, Opera, etc. In this Firefox also, the user encounters multiple issues, including the Firefox not responding due to the cache and cookies.

Oh by the way, there’s no way I can try a different browser because nothing stays open long enough to download one. But I doubt if that would help anyway when everything is crashing, not just the browser. Solved: Samsung smart hub web browser problem - Samsung Good afternoon, Just to confirm, are you having a problem browsing the internet through the web browser? Are you having any trouble with the other apps as well? Be sure to click " Accept as Solution" when you find an answer that works for you. Please note, notification emails are a DO NOT REPLY address, you must log-in on the community page in [Solved] Browsers "not responding" - September 2018 Sep 17, 2018 Solve Firefox is not Responding on Windows 10 | Get All Tech

If Safari is slow, stops responding, quits unexpectedly

Chrome not responding: Browser refuses to respond, does not accept commands or any input. In this situation, do not give repeated commands, wait for it to come around.

3 Ways to Fix Microsoft Edge Not Working on Windows 10

Oct 03, 2018 · Fix 3: Clean your browser cache. Corrupted cache can cause issues to your Safari browser. In this case, you should try cleaning it. Here’s how you can do it: Close your Safari browser if it is running. On your keyboard, press the Shift key, the Command key and G at the same time to invoke the Go to Folder dialog. Type “~/library”, then How to Fix Google Chrome Not Responding in Windows 10. It is obvious that Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers over the world. Although the majority of users phrase Google Chrome as a high-speed, stable and credible browser, it doesn't mean that Google Chrome won't go wrong under no circumstances. Jul 01, 2020 · Know how to reset your browser back to its original settings. If you've cleared the cache in your web browser , but are still experiencing issues, you may need to restore its original settings. This can remove adware, get rid of extensions you didn't install, and improve overall performance.