The circumventing of bans on slogans is reminiscent of how mainland Chinese internet users come up with creative ways and similar-sounding words to talk about sensitive issues without triggering

Luckily there are also many ways to get around these blocks. For a quick primer, look at the How to Circumvent Online Censorship guide by the EFF or the more detailed Floss manual on bypassing censorship, or a practical multilingual guide on how to remain anonymous and bypass censorship on the Internet from the Security in-a-box project. Many existing systems seek to circumvent censorship and surveillance of Internet traffic. provides anonymous Web sessions by requiring users to make Web requests through a proxy that anonymizes user- specific information, such as the user’s IP address. Circumvention is an inherent problem for those wishing to censor the Internet, because filtering and blockingdo not remove content from the Internet and as long as there is at least one publicly accessible uncensored system, it will often be possible to gain access to otherwise censored material. Abstract Studies have shown that authoritarian regimes tend to censor the media to limit potential threats to the status quo. While such censorship practices were traditionally aimed at broadcast and print media, the emergence of the Internet and social media in particular, prompted some authoritarian regimes, such as the Assad regime in Syria, to try and exert a similar level of censorship on Jan 02, 2017 · Psiphon is a tool that aims to defeat internet censorship.Originally dubbed XP Psiphon, it does so by connecting a Windows desktop or Android device to the Psiphon censorship-circumvention network expressly for the purpose of circumventing internet censorship measures.

A variety of tools exist for users to overcome Internet censorship. However, no circumvention method is perfect and a user should explore and consider the risks before using any tools. No tool can

Generally, internet access in China is being filtered, web apps such as Google, Facebook and Whatsapp are prohibited. In order to access to the blocked websites and apps, most people in China use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to bypass the censorship.

Oct 12, 2018 · This is the least powerful method of circumventing internet censorship. It usually works when access to the internet is restricted at the DNS level. ISPs and other authorities can filter or block certain DNS and hence restrict access to some sites.

On Circumventing Censorship Producers of information are aware of both the regime’s capacity and the high political cost in shutting down the internet completely. Therefore, producers diversify their content, posting on various mediums such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Jul 18, 2018 · The emergence of this tactic for circumventing censorship comes at a critical time. In May, a security update to Google ’s and Amazon’s network architectures ended a popular practice known as