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“The Later it Gets, the Later it Gets.” Main Cast: David Morse, Mark Linsday Chapman. Director: Tom Holland. There are two books I credit with my love of reading, Stephen King’s The Dark Half and Four Past Midnight, a novella collection that includes the basis for this movie, “The Langoliers.”I read these in late 1990, early 1991, and then four years later was thrilled to learn they ‎The Langoliers (1995) directed by Tom Holland • Reviews Trailer JustWatch. The Langoliers. 1995 Directed by Tom Holland. Synopsis. The novella The Langoliers was an important, early Stephen King-experience for me. It was one of the first, definite proofs of my soon-to-be-favorite-author’s big talent for establishing a fascinating premise Into the Night - A Netflix Suspense Series Trailer (Think Apr 24, 2020

May 14, 1995 · With Patricia Wettig, Dean Stockwell, Tom Holland, Kate Maberly. Most of the passengers on an airplane disappear, and the remainder land the plane in a mysteriously barren airport.

The Langoliers is the upcoming remake movie adaptation of their own 2-part miniseries from 1995 based on their own novel from Stephen King's "Four Past Midnight". The Movie was produced by Republic Pictures& New World Pictures& Katzsmith Productions, and is distributed by Paramount Pictures. The film was directed by Andy Muschietti and screenplay by Gary Dauberman. At the beginning of the film what is a langolier? | Yahoo Answers

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The Langoliers is a horror miniseries consisting of two episodes of 1½ hours each. It was directed and written by Tom Holland and based on the novella by Stephen King from the four-part anthology book Four Past Midnight. The series was produced by Mitchell Galin and David R. Kappes, for Laurel Entertainment, Inc. The Langoliers is an ABC television miniseries that is based on the novella of the same name. It is 180 minutes in length. The film was directed by Tom Holland, who also directed Child's Play, Fright Night, and another King adaptation, Thinner. A full aircraft is flying out of Los Angeles International Airport at night, heading east to Boston. Later in the flight, Dinah Bellman, a blind girl The Langoliers are the titular main villains of the Stephen King story The Langoliers as well as the television mini-series of the same name, they are sphere-shaped monsters with immense appetites and the ability to travel through time: they are described as timekeepers of sorts who devour those who are displaced in time, destroying remnants of the past as a kind of temporal scavenger/predator