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May 05, 2020 · To set up this feature to work, add your child as a friend, send an invite, and ask him/her to accept the same. Then, you can easily find your child’s current location. Read: How to Track Your Friends using iPhone. Set up Family Sharing on iPad. So far, you have done all the steps related to the initial configuration on your child’s iPad. The best way to do so is to perform a “factory” reset, which wipes the iPhone’s storage and returns it to its factory settings. Once you’ve got your old iPhone or iPad set up with your The biggest difference between iPad models is the screen size, so picking the right size is pretty important. If you need a small model you can fit in any bag, an iPad mini might be your best bet; but if you need a giant screen with enough room to get work done, an iPad Pro may be a better choice. Product in depth.

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