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External IDs: identifying information used to associate users with external accounts. Auth0 distinguishes between two types of metadata used to store specific kinds of information: User metadata: stores user attributes such as preferences that do not impact a user's core functionality. Use metadata can be learned. Publishers, social media, and marketing services have been using such data collected based on usage e.g., about a published or posted item: number of times is has been viewed, downloaded, discussed, reviewed, recommended, shared, or cited, and viewed or bought together with another thing. Metadata . Metadata or "data about data" describes the content, quality, condition, and other characteristics of data. Metadata are used to organize and maintain investments in data, to provide information to data catalogs and clearinghouses, and to aid data transfers. The actual data is inside those files. Metadata includes: file name, type, size, creation date and time, last modification date and time. Web page. Every web page has a number of metadata fields: page title, page description, icon. Paper files. Paper document files have often administrative metadata that help manage documents. This might include: Rules for Handling and Maintaining Metadata in the EHR. Metadata is the foundation on which information management systems are built. It is required to support the various uses of data, to manage the information and record lifecycle, to verify data integrity, authenticity, and reliability, and to evaluate the relative importance of data and information for each contemplated use. Types of Metadata: Metadata elements listed in the table are categorized according to three types: descriptive, administrative, and structural. Administrative metadata is used for managing and preserving objects in the repository; structural metadata is used primarily for storage of objects in a repository and for presentation; descriptive

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