Oct 17, 2014

uTorrent Remote is a handy web app that lets you control uTorrent when you're not at your computer.It's free, easy to set up, and well worth your time. First, create an account using the uTorrent Remote options on your desktop client (uTorrent Remote works on both Mac and PC). Torrent Remote | scidoner.com Documentation A few words about our Torrent Remote app. Home Torrent Remote Navigation. Adding a connection to the Torrent Remote App; Getting started; Setting up for access on a local network; Setting up for access over the Internet; Turning on the Web UI in uTorrent; Workaround for connecting on the same computer Three ways to control uTorrent remotely Connect with your browser by logging into uTorrent Remote. This would be much more comfortable …

Aug 10, 2017

BitTorrent Remote - Sign Up Click the BitTorrent Remote Access Preferences button in the BitTorrent toolbar. Select the "Remote" section and check "Enable BitTorrent Remote Access". Choose a Computer name and password and enter it here. Click the "Apply" button. After a few seconds, you should see "Status: Accessible" or "Status: Registered". Close the preferences. That's it.

Aug 01, 2013

uTorrent Launches Remote Control for iPhone * TorrentFreak Jun 15, 2010 uTorrent Remote - Video - CNET Remote playback. A new Android app from uTorrent gives you the power to control desktop file sharing while on the move. Find, start, and stop torrents on your computer, from your Android device. How to Remotely Control uTorrent On Desktop From Android Feb 08, 2018